Function points leveraging transparency and enabling control over software procurement

It explains the role of Function Point Analysis and the solutions derived from it in assessing the scale of operational efficiency and quality in the context after the Enron Corporation bankruptcy scandal. He set in motion the events, which culminated in the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX). All businesses, governments and NGOs have been seeking higher levels of transparency, accountability, for more than a decade. C levels of management have their attention directed to corporate governance according to the priorities derived from these objectives. Outsourcing and acquisition management plays a critical role as areas of interest to ensure compliance.


IFPUG Metric Views | Vol. 08th | Issue 2


July 2014


Carlos Eduardo Vazquez

Why it's important

Introduce a methodology to solve the problems of corporations around the world, who spend billions of dollars on software development without a standard product unit. People without responsibility or authority for financial decisions bargain services based on arguments such as "too many hours" or "hours too little."

When it applies

When negotiating deadlines or determining compensation for services provided in different types of pricing; evaluation of the performance of contracted operations and projects.