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Articles of interest in Software Management prepared by FATTO team members, reviewed, selected and published in journals and other relevant publications in the area.

Productivity and Software Efficiency post COVID-19

The context of software productivity and efficiency before and after the pandemic First, a brief perspective of the economic context in which software development is included is needed to understand the space of productivity and efficiency after the effects of...

Non-functional complexity threshold in function points delivery rates

How to improve the distribution of productivity risks between business areas and software development organizations; simplify work monitoring and control by including non-functional measurement for functions intrinsically with high delivery rates due to design responses and implementation to non-functional...

What are levels of granularity of functional requirements and why this is important

The granularity level is the largest or smallest extent in the description of the expected behavior of the software in a functional specification. It defines how specific or how general is the description of the functionality of the software....

Los Niveles de Granularidad del Requerimiento Funcional

Como la mayoría de los lectores de SG saben, todo software posee dos dimensiones de requerimientos: funcional y no funcional. Los requerimientos funcionales (RF) describen el comportamiento del software para proporcionar tareas y servicios a sus usuarios; estos tipos...

Documenting Functional Size Measurement

Imagine taking your car to the workshop and they inform you that the total price is R$ 12,000.00. Do you authorize the service in these terms? You cannot make a good decision without knowing all the review items and...

Software estimation with COSMIC funcional size measurement

Hacer una estimación "bottom-up" es inviable cuando no está disponible la estructura de proyecto, y hacer una estimación solamente basada en una analogía es muy subjective. Además, no se puede aprender de los errores committed. El objetivo de este...

Results based software development acquisition

El sector de Tecnologías de la Información se ha visto muy affected by el movimiento de externalización de las empresas. Gran parte del desarrollo y mantenimiento de los sistemas ya no se hace más internamente. Publication Software Guru - SG #47 Date 22...

Function Points as a tool for the appraisal of software

Software valuation can be a complex process and there are several reasons for this. The problem arises when there is this need and the organization does not have the means to determine the value objectively and considering the uncertainty...

How to measure software team productivity

Achieving maximum team productivity is the desire of any company that aims for the success of its business. But how to attest that a software team is indeed productive? How to improve performance to achieve high performance? These are...

Software acquisition and management using function points

It answers questions about how The Analysis of Function Points is part of the improvement of the hiring and management of software, based on the experience of the author in Brazil, the country with the largest number of APF...

Reduce the time-to-market of business initiatives in a strategy-aligned flow

One of the largest banks in Brazil has undergone a profound restructuring in its flow in the development of systems. A gateway has been...

Recovery of loss-making FSW operation through metrics and quality

Software Factory maintains contract with client of the financial sector, whose results are deficient. A new account executive has been mobilized to reverse this...

Integrate agile development with corporate governance requirements

A health cooperative had been having problems with the software package used in the management of its operations. This caused operational problems and damage...


Articles on file, but still relevant for technical or historical interest.

Scrum 2020 Guide: 03 changes with the new version

You'll understand how Scrum meetings affect Function Point Analysis in size measurement and approximation applications in Agile development.

Screen backgrounds with Function Point Analysis (APF) table

Here, you can request the sending of the APF/SNAP Quick Reference Card to your address or get your PDF version for download. The APF/SNAP Reference Card is a "Summary" in 12 sections with the synthesis of more than 600 pages of documentation between the Manual of Counting Practices (CPM) of The Analysis of Function Points (APF) and the Manual of Evaluation Practices (APM) of the Non-Functional Software Evaluation Process (SNAP).

What’s the relationship between SNAP and APF

What SNAP is, how the problem it solves is addressed by other alternatives, and how it relates to APF in software management.