We work with you to better understand your software management problem, then develop and implement the best solution, which integrates our software management specialties in an intelligent and creative way

Carlos Eduardo Vazquez

Strategy, Innovation and Products Director

When you already know what you are looking for, we offer you a range of services from educational services a few days long to outsourcing processes such as the budgeting.

We develop software management solutions from your particular needs and perceived opportunities toward the “best solution”.

We combine the skills and knowledge of our professionals, models, processes and systems with yours, in order to improve different performance perspectives in software development in line with your value chain.


Software Requirements

Successful software development begins with simple, high quality requirements

Software Measurent and Estimate

Develop tools to quantify uncertainty and decrease development losses

Software Agreements Management

align software development vendors interests to yours

Software Quality

Improve your results and manage quality by numbers

Analytics & Machine Learning

Conheça sua capacidade, melhore e controle seus orçamentos.

Software Benchmarking

The market cannot be more agile than you

Tecnologias. Metodologias e outros Recursos


Reduce the time-to-market of business initiatives in a strategy-aligned flow

One of the largest banks in Brazil has undergone a profound restructuring in its flow in the development of systems. A gateway has been...
Fábrica de Métricas

Recovery of loss-making FSW operation through metrics and quality

Software Factory maintains contract with client of the financial sector, whose results are deficient. A new account executive has been mobilized to reverse this...

Integrate agile development with corporate governance requirements

A health cooperative had been having problems with the software package used in the management of its operations. This caused operational problems and damage...

Benchmarking for analysis of SAP customization proposals

Our customer, one of the largest electric power plant in the world, had SAP customizations development services carried out on-site and saw it as...

Improve project management effort management

One of the largest insurers in Brazil estimates gp effort based on a percentage of the global software development effort. It does this both...

Streamline portfolio planning using Project Canvas

A large corporation in the field of pension and insurance should prioritize the projects, whose main component is software, for the next two years. There...