Software acquisition and management using function points

It answers questions about how The Analysis of Function Points is part of the improvement of the hiring and management of software, based on the experience of the author in Brazil, the country with the largest number of APF users in the world. Initially, the phenomenon of outsorcing of software development services and; the most common models for hiring. Finally, it presents how to run a costing model based on function points as a production metric.


IFPUG Metric Views | Vol. 08th | Issue 2


July / 2014


Guilherme Siqueira Simões

Why it's important

Contrast the use of Function Points in contracts, where the unit price is the pricing type, with fixed global price and unit price contracts. It presents the advantages and disadvantages in the adoption of this model and the possible benefits.

When it applies

In the evaluation of the types of pricing in use; or in the definition of new business models where you want to transfer control over production measurement to the customer.