CFPS – How much does The Role Point Specialist Certification Cost

To answer how much the CFPS certification costs, initially, you should consider price for enrolling in the exam. It is $250 per person and can be done directly in the authorized to offer the exam.

Only ifpug members can enroll for the CFPS certification exam. In this way, the costs for certification must be analyzed together with the costs of joining IFPUG.

Important: certified professionals must maintain their regular membership for the entire period of validity of the certification under penalty of it being canceled.

There are several forms of affiliation, the most common are:

  • Single – US$185.00
  • Corporate (single geographic region) – US$625.00
  • National Corporate – US$1,200.00
  • Corporate World – US$1,850.00


Tip: The company that wants to certify from 3 professionals, corporate membership becomes more economical.

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