CFPS – What is The Role Point Specialist Certification

Objectives of the CFPS Certification Program

The CFPS (Certified Function Point Specialist) certification program, primarily, aims to formally recognize professionals capable of performing accurate and consistent function point counts. It then seeks to recognize the knowledge of ifpug's most recent counting practices.

CFPS certification requirements

First, the candidate must be affiliated with IFPUG to take the CFPS exam. However, proof of higher education, experience with APF and participation in any course is not a requirement.

The applicant must then take an exam drawn up by IFPUG and pass. That is, it must reach the minimum hit rate of 90% for approval as CFPS. However, it receives the CFPP (Certified Function Point Practioner) title if it obtains a hit rate between 80% (inclusive) and 89%.

Without proper preparation, the chance of approval is small, because even for the professional taking the exam to renew his certification, dedication and guidance is required according to the levels required for approval.

Therefore, our CFPS Exam Preparation course has been designed specifically to support the IFPUG exam candidate on their journey of preparation for certification or renewal of their certification.

How is the structure of the CFPS exam

This exam consists of just over 150 multiple choice questions based on the IFPUG Counting Practices Manual. The duration of the test is 3 hours. It is a difficult examination of approval depending on the time available and also the requirement of the high hit rate, but unfortunately IFPUG does not disclose any information regarding the approval rate in the examination.

What is the validity of the Specialist Certification in Function Points

The professional must submit again to the exam for renewal of certification or participate in the certification extension program (CEP), because the validity of the certification is three years, . The extension program is valid only for CFPS, because it does not apply to CFPP. Renewal should occur even if there has been no change in the CPM version of IFPUG. Additionally, the extension program allows the validity of the certification to be extended.

What the Certification Extension Program (CEP) is like

The Certification Extension Program provides for the accumulation of credits in various activities, such as:

  • Perform counts of function points;
  • Teach official courses;
  • Write articles or books;
  • Participate as a volunteer of one of the IFPUG committees.

However, it is recommended to consult the updated list of activities, because they do not remain fixed in time. Therefore, the best source of information is the application submission form itself for extension.

The renewal can be performed several consecutive times, provided that there is no significant change (major change) of the Manual; in this case the professional must undergo the examination to renew his certification.

How is the logistics of the CFPS Exam

Until the beginning of 2008, the certification exam was held on paper, with manual correction, being taught in Brazil twice a year, at the end of each semester

July 2008:

the exam has been automated and can be applied by any Prometric accredited center in the world, on the date scheduled by the interested party.

November 2016:

IFPUG has partnered with iSQI to apply the exam in flex mode, i.e. remotely, and the candidate can take the exam even in his own home, provided that he meets the requirements. There is the option of the exam in English, Portuguese and Italian.

October 2019:

We announced that IFPUG had finalized its partnership with ISQl to carry out the certification exams and that, during this period, the exams would be suspended. And now we have news! IFPUG announced its new partner for achievements of the CFPS/CFPP (Function Point Analysis) certification exams – and SNAP CFP (Non-Functional Software Assessment Process).

All exams are available in Brightest's tools, starting with the English and Portuguese cfps/CFPP exams. For more information please contact:, or source: <>

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