Recovery of loss-making FSW operation through metrics and quality

Software Factory maintains contract with client of the financial sector, whose results are deficient. A new account executive has been mobilized to reverse this situation. He has the perception that there is a problem in the measurements performed by the client, however, his team can not solve.


With the Metrics Office, the operation is no longer in deficit and makes a profit. In relation to the value originally measured by the financial institution for the Software Factory, there was an increase of 123%. That is, from a scenario where the client should return money (due to advances), he starts to receive more than double, close to R$ 2,000,000.00, of the amount originally recognized by the Financial Institution. The investment for this result was about R$ 23,000.00 in 02 months.

That is, for every R$ 1.00 invested in the Office of Metrics, he obtained a return of about R$ 450.00… In two months.


We received your contact with the goal of allocating two metric analysts in the operation. We comment, that this is not usually the most economical option, but it is a good way to perform a diagnosis participating in everyday life. We mobilized the specialists not only with the objective of acting in the measurement of documentation, but also to make a diagnosis about the root cause for the imbalance of the contract.

Root cause

The result of the performance of our specialists pointed, not only in losses due to sizing problems, but also by requirements management and in the elaboration of technical specifications. Both, to different degrees, promoted an undersizing of deliveries.

With a small investment in the verification of these artifacts, the delivery of documents is promoted reflecting the reality and, in a collateral way, the improvement of the practices of analysts.

Transition to the Metrics Office

After this initial period of 4 weeks, we started the operation in the Form of Metrics Office based on recorded and monitored demands in our Demand Management System and the measurement in Function Points and SNAP Points in MESUR and observing the specific rules of the Contract Software Metrics Roadmap.

Requirements check

The demands initially have their documentation processed by the Requirements Check service of the Metrics Office. The aim is to eliminate noise in the documentation, which distorts the delivery of the project with its corresponding measurement. Through this analysis service, reviews on artifacts are provoked with the responsible analysts to eliminate noise, failures and omissions identified in the analysis of documents.


In the Metrics Office, we mobilize a group of experts to make up the preferred pool for customer service. In case of peak demands, we can mobilize shared resources of more than 30 professionals, who make up our team; but, as a rule, we prioritize the service by the same group of professionals in order to increase efficiency by creating closer ties with the client’s analysts and greater knowledge of their challenges. On the other hand, if there is a period of low demand, there is no fixed cost for the client and the professionals start to meet other contracts.

The difference in the specialization of people and the office

They are professionals whose essence of the work is measurement. It’s an operation dedicated to that. Measurement is not one of the activities competing with the other for attention and dedication. That makes all the difference. Details, which go unnoticed in a broader scope of activity, are identified and pointed out by the Metrics Office.