Get your NESMA Spreadsheet for Improvement Function Points

NESMA Spreadsheet for Improvement Function Points

First, you request the NESMA Improvement Function Points calculation or Enhancement Function Points( Spreadsheet). You will then more easily quantify Improvement Points for software maintenance responses as defined by NESMA.SNAP Spreadsheet

You will be able to focus your attention on measurement, because all frames, reference tables and formulas of the NESMA Improvement Function Point are already incorporated. That is, you do not need to consult the APF/SNAP Reference Card at all times.Consequently, you gain greater agility and reliability in your measurements.

You can get access to the Excel version for download as soon as you receive the confirmation email. However, much better than a spreadsheet is an application! Therefore, FATTO develops, uses and provides MESUR as its software measurement solution.

MESUR supports a broad spectrum of methods such as IFPUG Function Points (PF), NESMA Estimated or Indicative Count, Technical Service Units (UST), and Non-Measurable Items by the SISP Software Metrics Roadmap, because we know that the market requires flexibility and measurement is never an end in itself; but a tool to facilitate achieving results and efficiency.

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