APF / SNAP Reference Card

Reference Card in Function Point Analysis (APF) and non-functional software evaluation process (SNAP)

The APF/SNAP Reference Card is a "Summary" in 12 sections with the synthesis of more than 600 pages of documentation between the Manual of Counting Practices (CPM) of The Analysis of Function Points (APF) and the Manual of Evaluation Practices (APM) of the Non-Functional Software Evaluation Process (SNAP).

In it, you'll find all the tables you need in the measurement/evaluation, as well as the definitions of your elements and the APF process integrated with SNAP.

You can get access to the downloadable PDF version as soon as you receive the confirmation email or request the sending of a beautiful printed version at the address indicated. Be aware of the filling in of the addressing data.

FATTO has distributed more than 10,000 APF/SNAP Reference Cards over more than 20 years.

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